But Did You Read the Ingredients Though?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I know we’ve all had that moment where we learned about a new product that could transform our skincare routine. We do all this research on Google and YouTube and say, “okay this weekend I’m definitely getting this product.” We go out our way to find this product at our local beauty supply store, use it for a while, and it does NOTHING for our skin.

Unfortunately, I’ve been here before when I first discovered Vitamin E oil. After learning it was a great aid to improve hyperpigmentation, I just knew I needed it in my life. So one day I go out to get my new skincare item. I’m thinking to myself, “Girlll this is about to have your face looking flawless. Hyperpigmentation where? WHERE?!” I was so hype that I even went to Trader Joe’s, trying to be in tune with the #NaturalLife. I got my coins together and purchased the Vitamin E oil expecting groundbreaking results for my acne-prone skin. But after using it for a few weeks and seeing no results, I felt scammed, especially because I went out of my way to buy the brand known to be “natural” and stuff… *sigh*. And one day I ended up checking the label and you know the main ingredient I was putting on my face? Soybean oil. And it’s like soybean oil is cool, but I thought I paid for Vitamin E oil, the pure form! And ever since that moment, I ALWAYS check the ingredient list before purchasing a new skincare product.

(In hindsight, I now know that Vitamin E oil needs a carrier oil 😅)

Everytime you purchase a new product, whether it be skincare, haircare, or food from the grocery store, it is essential to check the ingredient list. This puts the power back into your hand when you are knowledgeable of what you’re consuming. By taking a little time to educate yourself on the different products you purchase, you lower the chance of brands scheming with their fancy labels and misleading marketing strategies. Never play yourself *DJ Khaled voice*.

Though reading the ingredients list may not be your favorite activity when shopping, it is actually super simple to understand. The FDA requires labels to be written in order of highest to lowest concentration. For example, if a whipped shea butter label reads “Shea butter, Mango butter, Coconut oil,” then you know shea butter is the main ingredient, while coconut oil is of the lowest content. You may be thinking, “okay but I still don’t know the exact amount,” and that is correct; brands can’t give their whole formula away. However, when you read labels of 20+ingredients, and you see the one advertised is the last one listed… then you know that the company is most likely just preying on the lack of consumer education and willingness to read the label in order for them to gain revenue.

I hope you now see the importance of reading labels and understanding the products you’re purchasing. My mom always told me, “reading is fundamental,” and I would have to agree. So continue to educate yourself on your favorite products, reclaim your authority over your dollars, and never let a brand play you.

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